The Kilmeena Village in the centre of Kilmeena Parish

This impressive project was developed by Cox Power Architects and it can be found in Moyna, Kilmeena, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.The team that worked at this project and made everything possible is formed by John Cox, Sal Gallagher, Paul Janas, David Power, Finola Reilly and Martin Rybar. They worked for County Council and created an impressive new community on a 1,180 sqm site.

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The request was to create a new community centre along with 14 houses and a childcare facility on a site conveniently located close to the local church, primary school, football pitch, golf course and local aquaculture industries. This new conglomerate of buildings is currently the focal point for the community and will also act as the nucleus for further expansion of the village.

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After a lot of planning, the architects decided to build 14 dwellings, a community centre and a childcare facility on an area of approximately 1 acre of land. The community centre offers arts and sport facilities along with many others. The houses feature different types, sizes and designs. They also have compact roofs in order to maintain the same look as the already existing structures. The materials used are traditional and consist of painted render, stone, concrete galvanized steel and slate and the house have names spelt in the Gaelic form of numbers (áon, dó, trí, ceathar, etc).{pics by McLaughlin Studios and found on archdaily}