The Gunnar’s Single Famliy House

Designed by creators Huss Og Heim Architecture at Sterdalen in Norway, the Gunnar’ House project is basically a single family house. The construction came up during the years 2007-08. The basic objectives of the client were preservation of the natural character of the site; at least as much as possible. Essentially it was preservation of the original timber frame construction. Some fixed constraints were also taken into consideration such as the 6” timber frame construction of the Gunnar’s House.

Other features that were retained were the levels as well as basement size and the terrain falling towards the southern part and building cantilevers beyond foundation of gable walls on both sides in the Gunnar’s House. And since it is a house in the woods and they wanted so much to preserve the timber framework, the material of choice for the flooring and furniture and also for everything that could be done to embellish the house was wood. Even the walls were made of wood and they tried to also preserve its natural colour, only covering with a layer of lacquer for protection. The house is rather tall and narrow, as it does not develop a lot horizontally. That is why it is perfect for only one family. And my guess is that it is only a holiday house, though it is fully equipped with anything you would like to have in your home.

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