The Fresco House – a luxury home surrounded by nature

The first thing you notice when first looking at this home is how warm and inviting it seems. There are several reasons for that. First of all, the design is simple and this makes it user-friendly. Also, the materials that were used for the project allow it to feel warm, comfortable and inviting. Third of all, the chromatic palette has been carefully chosen as well. It includes warm colors and earthy tones such as brown, yellow and red.

Carilo house design10

All these details work together and make this home cozy and welcoming. Even when you look at it from the outside it still looks very friendly and inviting. In addition, the Fresco House also seems to have a very close connection to nature. Located in Cariló, Argentina, the house is surrounded by a beautiful forest. The architects designed it as an open space with floor-to-ceiling windows and this allows to establish a very close connection with the surroundings.

Carilo house design

Carilo house design1

Carilo house design2

The Fresco House was designed by architect Felix Raspall and Federico Papandrea. They managed to create this luxury home which is a wonderful summer hideout for the owners. The house was built in a small clearing and the trees that were on the site were beautifully incorporated into the design.

Carilo house design3

Carilo house design4

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Carilo house design8

The interior of the house is open and very inviting. The round floor houses the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the studio and these spaces are open to an outdoor terrace and to the pool. The outdoor patio is also very beautiful and all these gathering spaces are wonderful especially during summer.