The Emu Bay house by Max Pritchard Architect

The Emu Bay house is made in such way so that inhabitants can enjoy panoramic view as well as the house is protected from the affect of strong wind. The terrace is constructed with timber and placed both side of living area in such way that it gives sitting option to residents and they can enjoy breezy atmosphere.

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The corrugated structure of this Emu house with timber windows, decks and terrace gives a leisure atmosphere. The suspended roof of the house is working as a cover to open space of house.

The owner of the house looking for a leisure holiday home from which one can enjoy panoramic views of outside in the meantime the outer door area should be covered and the house was made in such a way.

Two bedrooms are constructed from middle of the house, and surround a rear covered courtyard projecting on a wood fired pizza oven. Concave timber decks, present on both side of living area, gives other choice for sheltered outside living with the option to not to be effectuated with the wind direction.


This elegant house was built a meter above the ground level. Double glazing and high performance glass is used. The house has well cross ventilation which gives breezy feeling. Aside from ventilation the fans and a highly competent combustion heater for heating also helps to lower down the use of energy. The resident can get hot water from a competent electric heat pump.