Tantangan Villa Overlooking the Indian Ocean

Bali-based practice Word of Mouth Architecture have designed the Tantangan Villa. Located on Nyanyi Beach, a private and secluded beach on the west coast of Bali, Indonesia, this gorgeous house is an oasis of beauty and serenity.Siting on a 6,500sqm site, this superb house is not only contemporary, but eco-friendly as well. Due to its remote location, the architects thought that it was best the villa could operate self-sufficiently. In order to achieve this, they split the building forms to create natural ventilation, installed solar panels and batteries backed up by a generator for power and put up rain water catchment systems.

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The design concept was of a “Landscaped Architecture”, so the architects used locally sourced materials. The material palette became a true reflection of the building’s location, blurring the line between the architecture and its landscape. Moreover this stunning villa overlooks the Indian Ocean to the west and a natural river to the north. It also features views across to the local beach temple and views to the volcanoes in the distance.

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Tantangan Villa is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a sanctuary to retreat to. It has a gorgeous, modern interior design with a fun color palette and a beachy feel, making it a soothing first class property.{found on archdaily}.