Sweet, Family Summer DIY Projects

It’s summertime and that means it’s also … family time! We all know that the holidays are meant for lots of family fun and togetherness, but why rule out summer? The kids are out, vacations by the sea are on the horizon and spring cleaning is done and over with. On a lazy afternoon, when the thunderstorms are rolling in, how about gathering around the kitchen table and creating something fun and usable for the home? Let’s take a look at these sweet, family summer DIY projects and pick one to try out this weekend!

1. Paint Some Rocks.

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Have the kiddos go out in the backyard and gather up some rocks. Then get to painting. This is a great way to test your creativity, show your personality and make a special little something for the house. Display them on the windowsill. Or grab a cute bowl and stack them inside for your guests to go through during a summer, evening BBQ. Or, even better, use them to decorate the garden!

2. Build a Lemonade Stand.

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The children can earn a bit of extra candy cash and it’ll be sure a fun and rewarding project to complete together as a family, especially for siblings or neighborhood buddies. There are lots of different ways to create a lemonade stand including using old wooden palettes, lots of paint, fabric garland and chalk! And don’t forget to make the lemonade!{found on thriftyandthriving}.

3. Fabric Coasters.

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You’ll need some new coasters for those cold glasses of lemonade. This is a great family project because everyone can make their own and let their own personality shine. Grab a handful of fabric scraps to get started and some single tiles from your local home store. Then you just need some mod podge to make these happen!

4. Sparkling Magnets.

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Again, these DIYs are perfect for families since everyone can make exactly what they want. You’ll need some clear, flat marbles, lots of glitter choics and glue to spread about the marble. Then roll in the glitter of your choice and let them dry. Place a small magnet slab on the back of each and you’ll have new decor for the fridge and a more stylish way to show off the kids’ schoolwork once they go back in the fall! The full DIY tutorial on Smartypantspaper.

5. Fun-filled Vases.

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Dress your vase and fresh flowers with fun cereal, fun candy or rocks from the backyard. Have your kids pick out exactly what you should fill them with and have charming and sweet vases to show off your pretty florals in all summer long. It’s easy, quick and creative!