Sustainable House by Morris Partnership

Architectural firm Morris Partnership creates beautiful buildings, focusing their design on a grander scale of morals. The team tries to ensure that the environment is an element to be recognized and expressed. Such a house is the Hinterland Residence in rural Australia.

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The architects tried to capture the environmental qualities of the site, such as expensive views of the dam, small shrub and grassland, and intimate views of eucalyptus. The house is composed of separate buildings for living, working and sleeping, just like the clients wanted. The building is also eco-friendly, it uses worm farm waste treatment, solar heating and hot water, cross ventilation and the cellar pantry draws cooled air through an underground chamber.

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The house features different zones, separated by glazed slots, links and open spaces. The architect used materials that work both on the inside and outside. Moreover, when moving to another area you can see a disconnection between them. It has floor to ceiling windows that bathe the house in natural light and allows you to enjoy gorgeous views. The interior design is modern, yet minimalist, the accent leaning towards the exterior.

The style of the Hinterland House is not entirely unique, but Morris Partnership succeeded to create a higher standard home that pushes the definition of boundaries.