Surprising home in the High Nevada Desert

Fabrizio Rondolino and Simona Ercolani are the proud owners of an amazing house in High Nevada Desert. Of course, like everybody else, you probably wonder why would someone want to live in the middle of nowhere, in the scorching desert. The reason is actually simple. The owners really like Death Valley. And there’s also a strange detail about the moment when Simona Ercolani’s father died and his last words were ‘Zabriskie Point”.

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They were visiting that area for quite some time so they’ve decided to just build a home there. You might think it’s dangerous to live out there but since the climate is so excruciating hot, there are no rattlesnakes. Scorpions are probably less picky so those living there should probably be careful. However, there are also advantages. Since the desert seems so unfriendly, very few people choose to live there. So the neighbors are hard to find and this means there’s more free space for those remaining.

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The landscape is very beautiful and you forget about all the problems when you admire it. Still, it must be annoying to have to drive all the way to work from there or to school, not to mention that shopping is a big problem. You’re basically in the middle of the desert and you’re on your own. It doesn’t get more private than that.{found on nytimes}