Stylish family home in Accra, Ghana

This beautiful residence is the home of Joe Osae-Addo and Sara Asafu-Adjaye. They were high-school classmates and when a few years later they ran into each other they fell in love and decided to start a long-distance relationship. However, Osae-Addo who is an architect came with a proposal. He suggested they build a house together on a piece of land that he had from his mother. The land was in Accra, the capital of the West African nation.

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Osae-Addo soon started designing the house that he hoped would become the couple’s happy home. The house would be both a test and a testimony for their life as a couple. He wanted the house to be modern but also warm and cozy. The architect didn’t like the concrete-block houses typically found in Accra. As a result, he decided to use materials primarily found in rural areas such as timber and adobe mud blocks.

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There were also some other specifications that Osae-Addo wanted to include in his new home. For example, he didn’t want air conditioning. His soon-to-be wife didn’t really like the idea at first but she was persuaded in time. Building a house with your fiancée when you’re in a long-distance relationship is not easy. Osae-Addo was building models and sketches that he was designing in his L.A. studio and he would then email them to his fiancée in London.

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They didn’t always agree but the managed to talk about the problems that they had and this way they finally managed to create a final design. They house they built together is both functional and stylish. The internal structural is functional and practical and the interior décor is elegant and modern.{found on dwell}.