Spacious penthouse and carefully compartmentalized

This beautiful apartment is located in the heart of Malmo City, in Stockholm. It’s a lovely penthouse apartment with a stylish interior. It’s currently a three-bedroom apartment but it could be converted into a 4-room apartment if needed. It has either two or three bedrooms, according to the client’s needs. One of the rooms can be used as an office, nursery, work space, etc.

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The apartment is currently on the market with the price of 6,995,000 SEK. It covers a total area of approximately 87 square meters.The apartment would make a nice home for a small family with children. The rooms are spacious and the internal structure is adaptable. The living room is large and beautifully decorated. The atmosphere is casual but still elegant. There’s a cozy sofa, a beautiful wooden coffee table and plenty of storage space. The living area also has access to a balcony.

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The kitchen is spacious and features an unusual color palette. It’s decorated with black and yellow, not the most common combination when it comes to kitchens. Still, it’s eye-caching and it’s also a practical choice for this area. The bedrooms are also spacious, particularly the master suite. The windows are large throughout the apartment and they provide plenty of natural light, thus creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The color palette is neutral with insertions of yellow, pink, orange, red and other vibrant colors.{found on esny}.