Single-family L House in Scharten, Austria

House L is a single family home located in Scharten, Austria. It was built in 2008 and the circumstances were quite unusual. There was a competition, something that is very unconventional for a single-family home, and the winner was Schneider & Lengauer. They then tried to respond to the client’s specific requirements.The client’s request included the demand for a residential and working environment that takes full advantage of the qualities of the site.

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Also, another request specified the great importance of an energy-efficient design. The final major request was for the house to reflect the clients’ passion and love for the color white. It’s very easy to see that this last request was respected throughout the design. As for the rest of them, we need to take a closer look.

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The house has become the home of a family of four and their two pet cats. The same building also houses the graphic design studio of the client and displays the owner’s personal photo collection. Moreover, since the house sits on a hilltop, it also benefits from wonderful views of the piedmont and the peaks of the Northern Limestone Alps. The internal structure is functionally organized. The upper floor includes the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the ancillary rooms. The house also has an open living area in the basement and a two-car garage. In addition, the main level includes dining and living areas as well as a music room and a library.{found on archdaily and pics by Kurt Hoerbst}.