Simple Halloween Crafts You Can Make Using Bottles

A Halloween party is not complete without customized liquor bottles and other similar things meant to add a creepy but also festive touch to the whole table décor. The next DIY projects are designed to let you explore your creepy side while creating some interesting decorations. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll be using these bottles.

Wine bottles decorated for Halloween
Wine bottles decorated for Halloween prepare
Wine bottles decorated for Halloween Spray
Wine bottles decorated for Halloween Clipart
Wine bottles decorated for Halloween Closer

Let’s start with these poison bottles. Obviously, it’s just for show. The first thing you need to do is peel off the labels in case the bottles you plan on using still have them on. After they’re all clean and shiny, take them out to spray paint them. The last step is adding the Halloween printables which you’ve transferred on velum paper and the poison tag.{found on messyroost}.

Halloween bar cart with diff potion

Another simple and interesting way of decorating glass bottles with a Halloween theme is featured on Freutcake. The supplies needed for this project include assorted decanters and bottles, printable labels and label templates. The labels can be customized in a lot of ways and can pretty much say anything you want.

Make pumpkin bottles

For the kids, you can make pumpkin bottles. First clean the bottles and remove the labels. Then fill them with orange juice or something similar. Embellish the bottles with green pom-pom trim and then paint faces on them with a black marker. They’ll make lovely party favors. Find out more about the project on Sisterssuitcaseblog.

How to make some ombre bottles for Halloween

Glass bottles can also be sued as vases. In fact, they make wonderful alternatives, especially if you give them a makeover. A lovely idea is offered on Brit+co. For this project you need orange, white and yellow spray paint, empty wine bottles, cardboard and leaves, twigs, candy corns and other similar things to decorate the arrangement with. Remove the labels and spray paint the bottles white. Then add a layer of orange in the middle and paint the bottom portion yellow.

Bottles as centerpiece for Halloween

If you want to use bottles as centerpieces and would like to add just a little creepy touch to their design, consider using them as candle holders. Let the candles burn and allow the wax to drip all over the bottles. They’ll create an interesting display suitable for the occasion.

Halloween potion bottles with black paint

Another idea is to use the bottles as decorations without actually repurposing them in any way. For that you need bottles that have interesting shapes. You can gather these throughout the year. Take them all outside and spray paint them matte black. You can then decorate them with labels, black feathers and other things. Find more inspiration on Carlaschauer.