Residential House with 4 wings in Girona

Casa Pocafarina, located in Girona, Spain is one of the projects of Hidalgo Hartman. Among the unique aspects, there is the fact that  it is situated on the corner plot with some great views over the surrounding landscape. Its compact form of cross placed at the center of gravity reveals 4 wings which are oriented in such a menner that they ensure the views selected from the interior of the house. This attractive residential house is supported by 4 pillars over the garden level; the porch, garage and laundry have their well-established place.

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The 4 wings have different functions in the house; for example, the living and the kitchen-dining area are connected through the transparency of the courtyard. They wings themselves are organized around a central space, an exterior courtyard, which offers the most important element:the sunlight which gets straight in the heart of the house. The materials which were used, concrete, wood, add coherence to the entire building and give that feeling of a powerful construction where you feel comfortable and safe no matter what.

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Everything suggests modernity in a wide space with wide glass windows that provide a nice perspective from inside, with contemporary pieces of furniture, no matter it is red or white. The house in itself suggests simplicity, in spite of the large surface of each room, comfort and safety at the same time.