Practical DIY Woven Basket

When I was a pupil I had a special class where we were taught various practical things. All these things proved to be very useful in time. Our class was divided in two parts: the boys and the other part were the girls. We had different teachers who tried to teach us how to sew, crochet, cut out or embroider. The boys were taught to make some metal tools, wooden decorative objects, wooden frames, wooden figurines and many other useful things that we usually need in the house. These classes were very relaxing and the fact that everything was made with our bare hands brought us much satisfaction and joy.

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The same thing may happen if you try to make this colorful and nice DIY Woven Basket. It is a practical and useful object where you can deposit various things like: small toys, thread balls, plastic bags, socks, spools of sewing silk or small balls. You may also think of other objects.

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For this nice DIY project you will need some materials such as: a large opaque bottle, colorful yarn, good scissors, masking tape, a sewing machine and two colors of felt or fabric. The process is very easy and you will also have fun. You may start with cutting the top of the bottle. Then you continue with trimming the remaining part with the scissors. Then you may star weaving using a piece of yarn and end with making a felt sleeve or just gluing fabric instead of it. It is a nice DIY project which will make you feel nice and proud of your abilities and work.{found on creativejewishmom}.