Oldest homesteads turned into a contemporary house by Nacházel Architekti

Designed and created by Nacházel Architekti, this beautiful orchard house can be found in Milevsko, Czech Republic. Not surprisingly, it’s located in the middle of a fruit orchard. The house was built in 2011 so it’s a fresh structure, with a minimalist and architectural design,perfect for spnding quality time with the family.

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This place was originally one of the oldest homesteads,a compact and solid construction with a traditional look. The owners, a married couple with two children, saw the potential that this place had and decided to turn it into a contemporary holiday home. In the renovation process a lot of things had to be changed. However, the owners decided to preserve some of the original elements, like the solid stone walls and the traditional design with only one storey.

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Inside the house, there’s along corridor that links all the rooms. The areas are divided by walls or sliding doors that can be easily opened to create a more vast area. There’s also a porch, perfect for some outdoor time in the sunny days. And because it’s a holiday house, meaning that it’s only being used for a short period of time during the year, it can be easily secured with shutters from inside of the house. This can also be done at night, just to be sure.{found on archdaily}