Nice DIY Wall Clock

Time seems to govern our life. Every moment of our life is measured in hours, minutes and seconds and every activity that we develop is done according to a certain program. So everybody needs to be careful the way we calculate all our actions and needs to have a clock in the house or a watch at the hand.

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If you are bored with your old image of your wall clock here it is an idea which might you help getting a new design. You will get a nice DIY Wall Clock.All you need is: an icky old clock screw driver, acrylic paint + brush, pen, scissors12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper (size varies depending on clock size).

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Remove the battery and screws from the back of the clock. The back should pull away from the frame exposing the clock hands.Carefully examine your clock to determine how to remove the hands. Pay close attention to how you take everything apart; because you will have to put it back together!

Paint the clock hands and set them aside to dry. If desired, paint the frame of the clock as well.

Turn the 12 x 12 scrapbook paper face down and center the back of the clock on the paper. Trace around the clock back with a pen, and cut out the circle slightly smaller than the traced line. Trim the edges if necessary to make sure the paper circle fits inside the clock frame.

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Turn the paper circle face down and center the back piece of the clock on the paper. Trace the small center hole (where the clock hands connect to the clock back) on the paper and cut it out.

Make as many patterned circles as you want—they can be tucked behind the displayed pattern so you can switch them out when you are in the mood for a change. Feel free to add numbers.

Place your patterned papers on the clock face making sure the paper is right side up. Reassemble the clock hands and move them to the 12:00 position. (If you do not do this the time will never be exactly right. For example, it will say two and a half o’clock and never two o’clock!)

Screw the clock back together, replace the battery, and step back to enjoy your handiwork!