DIY Soap Dispensers Made Of Everyday Objects

Soap dispensers are a must-have. However, they present little importance to us, being one of those convenient things that are simply there and don’t stand out in any way. Still, they’re a great resource when it comes to changing the décor or ambiance in a space such as the bathroom. In the case of this room, it’s these simple and basic things that offer character to the décor. So let’s take a look at a few really simple ways in which you can make your soap dispensers stand out.


The easiest method to create a soap dispenser is by re-purposing a mason jar. So go ahead and find a jar that you like. Size and shape are important in defining its final look so pick carefully. Take the lid and drill a hole in it, big enough for the pump dispenser to go through. You can take this one from an old soap bottle. Secure it to the lid using the top portion of a plastic bottle.{found on heatherbullard}.

Blue soap dispenser

A similar idea is featured on Alionsnest. This time, to make the dispenser more attractive, glass paint was used. If you want to do something similar, you’ll need a glass jar, a plastic soap bottle and paint and thinner if you want an ombre design. Cut off the top of the plastic bottle and insert the parts through a hole drilled into the lid of the jar. You can then take your time painting the jar. For an ombre design, use pure paint for the bottom part, dilute it a little bit for the middle section and even more for the top part. Bake it in the oven to make it waterproof.

Dish and hand soap dispenser from mason jars

The soap dispensers featured on everydaydishes are really chic and you can also use one of these in the kitchen for dish soap. The project requires mason jars, decoupage glue, labels, a paintbrush, dispenser pumps, a hammer and a nail, glue, flat black spray paint and glass paint. Print out the labels, cut them out and glue them to the inside of the jars using decoupage glue. Apply a second coat of glue to the label. Then make a hole in the lid using a nail and a hammer. Push the pump through the lid and put the pieces together. Paint the lid with flat black paint and the pour enamel paint into the jar. Swirl to coat the interior and let it dry. Repeat to get an opaque look.{found on everydaydishes}.

How to recycle an old mason jar

The great thing about these mason jar soap dispensers is that they’re so easy to make and super versatile. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Fill them with dish soap, hand soap, fabric softener and whatever else you think would work. There’s no need to paint the jar or the lid if you don’t prefer a customized design. {found on adaywithv}.

Glass bottle dispenser

Instead of a mason jar you can also use a glass bottle. Basically, any bottle works as long as it has the right size and a top that lets you screw on the dispenser pump. You can use this idea for liquid dish soap as well. So go ahead and find a bottle that you like and give it a new use. {found on theredchairblog}.

Jack daniels soap dispenser

When we said that any kind of bottle would do as long as you like it and the top fits we weren’t kidding. Check out Curlybirds for example. You’ll find that even a bottle of Jack Daniel’s can work and would actually look pretty cool. Consider this idea for a man cave or bachelor pad.

Creative laundry container with diy chalkboard tags

You can apply the idea for the containers in your laundry room. You can have a jar dispenser for your fabric softener, one for liquid detergent and so on. Label them with chalkboard tags. These are simple to make. Get wooden tags, then drill holes in them if they don’t already have these and paint them with chalkboard paint. Attach them to your containers with twine or glue them on. {found on simplydesigning}.