Mysterious Paulita House in Argentina

The daily routine, the nosy traffic and the exhausting job can ruin your good mood. Usually a hard day is defined by your big amount of work, the difficult way to get home and the stressful atmosphere that you may find it here. Now you can declare yourself a tired and bad mood person who needs badly some rest, a relaxing place and some good company.

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This place may also be this mysterious and lovely Paulita House which is located close to Mendoza City in Argentina. It was designed by the architect Diego Kotlik who tried to present you a lovely relaxing place where you can find your good mood and peace.

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Its design is not based on symmetry, for the contrary you may notice how the kitchen is connected to the dinner place through different sized ceiling heights and different colors. The brick walls seem to dominate all its interiors and the subtle lighting underline the idea of mystery and privacy.

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The outdoor surrounding area is lovely. There is a front garden with some lovely ancient olive trees. It is a house which is also eco friendly as there are used recycled building materials which ensure the energy efficiency of the house: steel columns salvaged from a demolished warehouse, large wooden crates and rustic walls.{found on plataformaarquitectura}