Modern Bromont House by Paul Bernier Architect

The Bromont House is a stylish family residence located in Quebec, Canada. The house was a project by Montreal-based design studio Paul Bernier Architect. It was completed in 2012 and it benefits from a very beautiful location, surrounded by trees and rich vegetation.Given the fact that the site presented such beautiful landscape, the architects tried to create a smooth and seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces so that the connection with nature would be strong. It has panoramic views of the forest and the trees provide shade. The Appalachian Mountains are also visible in the distance from the site but only in winter when the trees lose their leaves.

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The Bromont House is a week-end retreat and it was designed as a serene space, always filled with natural light. As for the interior, the architects and the clients, a couple that lives in Montreal, decided that it would be best to opt for a timeless look with contemporary influences.

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The house is organized into two volumes. One is a day volume while the other is the night volume. The day block is a U-shapes structure and it contains the living spaces, the kitchen the dining room and a reading nook. The night volume contains the master bedroom and it’s a two-storey block. Overall, this is a beautifully organized and balanced residence that really is a very serene and pleasant getaway destination.