Marvelous property in Palo Alto

If I would have in my bank accounts 15 million dollars I would definitely consider living in a place like this one. It is located in the place where sun shines year round; California, United States.  This marvelous property was completed in 2003 and is has a certain European feel, with multiple fireplaces, broad expanses and fine oak floors. I  don’t know what the designers thought in the first place when they imagined this house but the result is relaxed, yet formal environment that lends itself into a comfortable daily living as well as lavish entertaining.

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The property features three wonderful levels and a separated fully equipped guest house.  The main building has 5 bedrooms and 5 and half bathrooms, a theater, a wine cellar with a sophisticated temperature-control system  and indulgent spa. On the outside there are numerous water features, including a majestic waterfall, sport court, golf practice area  and of course numerous place for barbeque. From the entrance this place looks luxurious and very tasteful.

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The nice interior courtyard makes the transition from raw to finesse. The interior is very spacious and bright, with large windows  and high ceilings. The kitchen is also large  with a central island with chairs, perfect for a quick snack. Modern appliances are wonderfully combined with classic wooden furniture and floors. There are some particularly items that I absolutely love: the marvelous big table from the dining area, the stairways and the immense pool just outside the house. Who wouldn’t want this wonderful , luxury property for himself?The property it’s available online on site.