Latvian Summer Home With Beautiful Lighting And Textile Accents

Having a cozy and inviting home is one thing but having a summer home is quite different. The two don’t share much in common, each following a set of distinct ideas and interior design standards. A summer home, for instance, needs to be breezy and bright above all else. It needs to make people feel relaxed and energetic. Apartment ST is a project that beautifully manages to capture all these attributes.

Apartment ST lounge area
The house has huge windows that let lots of natural light in
Apartment ST seating and dining area
At the same time, the interior is very welcoming and comfortable
Apartment ST dining and lounge
Breezy and long curtains filter the light and offer privacy while also bringing color into the decor

This modern home is located in Jurmala, Latvia and is only used by its owners during the summer. This gave the designers at Open AD a great starting base in terms of interior design concepts and ideas. This architecture and design studio is no stranger to home renovations or residential projects, in addition to having experience with offices and restaurants. Their design approach is an innovative one based on the desire to make each project special and unique.

Apartment ST dining area light fixture
A lot of attention was given to all the light fixtures
Apartment ST dining area
Of special interest is the chandelier that hangs above the dining table

The special design feature in this case is the array of light fixtures that adorn all the rooms in the house. A particularly interesting one is the chandelier that hangs above the dining table. It’s the same one featured in this London office. It has a single light bulb at the center and a whole bunch of paper notes hanging from thin rods all around it.

Apartment ST dining room chandelier
The chandelier features a collection of paper notes which can be removed and written on
Apartment ST living room fireplace
A fireplace completes the lounge area while also establishing the perfect reading corner environment

A ceiling-mounted fireplace completes the decor and establishes this cozy lounge space, ideal for reading a book or simply relaxing and admiring the view.

Apartment ST kitchenn island bar
The island in the kitchen doubles as a bar but also as a space divider
Apartment ST kitchen island
Four small pendant lamps hang above the island putting the spotlight on the counter
Apartment ST kitchen area
The open kitchen concept suits the casual and relaxed ambiance that defines the house

The kitchen shares an open floor plan with the dining space and lounge area. It has a small island that’s half storage unit and half bar. The marble top contrasts with the wooden body and coordinates nicely with the backsplash. A nice detail is the series of matching decor details that double as door knobs for the cabinets on the hallway and in the kitchen.

Apartment ST hallway storage unit
The entrance hallway is a transition space that leads into the open space social area
Apartment ST bedroom tree shelves
One of the bedrooms has a forest-themed interior design
Apartment ST bedroom tree motif
The tree motif is repeated throughout the room in various ways
Apartment ST bedroom tree poster
Even the frame of the canopy bed has this branch-like structure

The two bedrooms have completely different designs. One of them has a forest-themed interior and includes elements such as a tree-shaped wall unit or a canopy bed with a tree-inspired frame.

Apartment ST canopy bed
The other bedroom is simpler and doesn’t follow a specific theme
Apartment ST bedroom and bathroom
You can see here the contrast between materials, colors and textures which adds harmony to the decor

The other bedroom, on the other hand, is simpler and features a minimalistic canopy bed with no curtains, a traditional wooden dresser and a casual area rug with a geometric pattern and blue and yellow accents.

Apartment ST bedroom simple decor
The canopy bed doesn’t have curtains and this highlights the frame
Apartment ST bathroom pendant lamp
The en-suite bathroom feels like a part of the bedroom, being just as cozy and inviting

The bedroom’s en-suite is small but really inviting, just like the rest of the house. It has a wall-mounted double sink vanity and an oversized pendant lamp with an origami-inspired design.

Apartment ST bathroom ladder shelves
Ladder shelves were used in order to set a casual look while also focusing on functionality