Landmark Residence In Beirut Built Atop An Existing Structure

Located in Beirut, Lebanon, this residence is also the home of the architect who envisioned it, Bernard Khoury. The project was conceived in 2008 and the residence was completed in 2013. It’s a three-story structure built on top of a 9-story building.

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Although it doesn’t share any visible structural elements with the building on top of which it stands, the contrast between the two is not exactly dramatic. However, the residence does act as an independent structure.

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The first floor and the mezzanine level form the living zone while the top level contains the guest bedrooms, the swimming pool and the roof garden and terrace.

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The reception area, the dining room, the master bedroom and the kitchen are all situated on the lower level. A double-height library with steel-grating bridge also extends onto the mezzanine level. Floor-to-ceiling windows expose the residence to views of the city. The sculptural design of the Lui chair by Philippe Bestenheider allows this piece to become a subtle focal point for the seating area.

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The layout and overall design are casual, welcoming and simple. Wooden panel cladding was used on the floors and walls and this allows the spaces to feel warm and inviting. The industrial accents complement the modern and traditional elements. A long and narrow dining table brings all the other pieces of furniture together in a very natural way.

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The living room ceiling features an industrial-looking installation that contains all the ventilation and air conditioning equipment. It was painted black to match the steelwork that defined the décor.

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Being located at the center of the city, the residence offers views of places such as the cemetery, the hippodrome and other institutional buildings. It may be the dreamy landscape others have in mind, but it’s definitely dramatic.

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Overall, the design is masculine, making this a dreamy bachelor pad. The high ceilings, the floor-to-ceiling windows, all the industrial accents and the black details give the residence a strong and imposing allure.

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Still, all the wood used throughout the interior warms up the ambiance, turning this into a welcoming and very pleasant home.

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The mezzanine level contains two more bedrooms and the continuation of the library. The most unusual and interesting feature here would have to be the bridge that wraps around the library and across the windows.

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At the topmost level is the swimming pool and the roof terrace, as well as the guest rooms. A layer of transparent glass panels wraps around the terrace for safety reasons but without obstructing the views.

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Another interesting feature is represented by the two signature antenna lights placed on top of the residence. They can be seen from adjacent neighborhoods and transform the residence into a landmark for the surrounding area.

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