Jane Foss Russell Building At The University of Sydney

The all famous Jane Foss Russell Building name after the well-known Jane Foss Russell who committed to the great cause of female graduate and undergraduate education in University of Sydney. The Jane Foss Russell Building itself is an enormous creation born with the beauty and magic of urban architecture from the brilliant minds of John Wardle Architects.

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Jane Foss Russell Building was built in the Darlington Campus of University of Sydney. It is indeed an innovated and inspired building covering with glasses connecting the old and new campuses of the university with an extended bridge over the city main road.



This incredible building was built with multiple green glass facades and panels of different colors, types and styles covering different sides of the building.  Jane Foss Russell Building was in fact built inspired by the Heritage Figs Tree for creating a better and high quality indoor environment by building closely together with the nature. The building in fact has the ability to increase energy efficiency and indoor air quality by with the inspired water cooling system. Jane Foss Russell Building truly is the innovating and inspiring architect of today’s urban architecture.