How To Add Mood Lighting To Your Home With a Carpet

Mood lighting is important in the overall décor and ambiance created inside a home. So are carpets. So why not combine these two features? That’s exactly what Johanna Hyrkas did when designing the Light Carpet for IMU.


She did this with LED rope lights and yarn. They wrap around forming a coil. The rug is soft and very pleasant on the feet and, because of the LED lights embedded in it, it also feels warm to the touch. When you think about, the benefits such an accessory adds to a home are numerous and worth taking into consideration for a variety of reasons.


Given how simple the design of the Light Carpet is, transforming this into a DIY project comes as a natural thing to do. So consider this idea: go get yourself some LED rope lights and some soft yarn in any color you like and recreate the design featured here. You can add your own twist to the design.


It’s possible to change the design and to make a rug with a different shape. You’d have to use your creativity for this part and to find a simple and practical way to connect the ropes with yarn.

What’s great about this is that you can find a lot of great uses for such an accessory. Use it for its mood lighting in the living room, let it add a romantic touch to the bedroom or put one in the kid’s room so he doesn’t get scared at night in the dark. A Light Carpet would also make a nice gift for someone. You can also use this project as inspiration for a lot of other crafts.