Innovative design for this gorgeous house

This house has a very innovative shape with its unique shape when looked from the top. This luxurious 10650 sq. feet house which is located on a 17250 sq. feet area near the mountains of Sierra Madre has an exterior made of black and brown volcanic stone along with IPE wood, white stucco and steel and was designed by GLR Architects. There is a wonderful garden that is very good looking when viewed from the living room.


But the materials used are not the only ones that are uncommon. This house, if you want to call it like that, is huge. It would really be too much for just one family. It has a modern design, both in terms of exterior and interior style. From the outside it looks very imposing and serious. But once you get inside there a very warm and cozy feeling that seduces you immediately. And like most of the modern houses nowadays, it has a very simple, almost minimalist interior design. It’s modern and elegant. It’s a grandiose structure, decorated with style.


All the pieces are chic are carefully chosen for that particular room of the house. The attention to details is amazing. I imagine it must take a lot of time to furnish this whole house, so I don’t envy the ones who had to do it at all. But I do envy the ones who get to enjoy living in there. The house has everything you need, even a pool. The location is great and views are also amazing.