Painted Knobs – The Touch Of Color Your Home Craves

Door knobs, drawer pulls and other similar hardware are the details that make a piece of furniture look special and stand out. They complete the design and can even influence it in a rather strong way. Any change you make to these accessories can result in a whole new look. So by painting a door knob or drawer pull or anything similar, you can offer your home the touch of color it definitely needs.


To change the look of an old china cabinet, you can simply choose to paint it. But even that prove to be insufficient. The knobs will actually be your strong point in this case. So take them out, clean them and spray them with a layer of matte paint. After that, you can apply the base-coat color. Let this layer dry as well and then mix that paint with medium glazing and apply it with a brush. Wipe the paint from the flat portion and allow it to only show in the cracks.{found on creativekismet}.

Spray paint knobs

If you decide it’s time to change the color of your door knobs, here’s what you have to do: purchase some spray paint in the color of your choice and make sure it ‘s right for the material you want to cover. Take down the knobs, locks and hinges and even the screws if you want them painted as well. Spray paint them all and let them dry. You can find out more about this on isavea2z.

Turquoise drawer kbobs

A piece of furniture with plain and boring knobs can’t really do much for your home’s décor. The solution: paint the knobs and make them look special. If you want a suggestion, have a look at the faux malachite knobs features on tealandlime. As it turns out, all you need for this project is a teal or turquoise sharpie and an oven.

Painting cabinets diy

A cabinet can be beautiful and, at the same time, can have the wrong color for your style. You can take care of that with a simple makeover. In case you need some pointers, have a look at the project featured on blesserhouse. As you can see, the hardware was painted as well and now they truly look eye-catching without using bold colors to their advantage.

Faux Ceramic Drawer Pulls DIY Tutorial

It’s possible to change the look of your furniture knobs and to make wood ones look like ceramic. For that, you’ll need white paint or primer, blue gloss paint, metallic paint, brushes, fine sandpaper and a pencil. First you paint the knobs white. Let the paint dry and then smooth the surface with sandpaper. Apply a second coat of paint. Mark the center with a pencil and lightly draw your design on the knob. After, that, apply blue paint with a fine brush. Finish it off with some metallic paint at the center. {found on makeandfable}

Simple geometric clay gold knobs

But what if you can’t find the right knobs for your furniture? Well, you could always craft them yourself. Such a project is described on delineateyourdwelling. You’ll need air dry clay, knob hardware, a butter knife and gold spray paint. Cover the knob hardware with clay. Let it dry for a day and then start carving with the butter knife to give it the shape you want. Then all that’s left to do is spray paint the knobs gold.

Green touch for table

Another possibility is to make leather pulls for drawers. They’ll look chic and elegant and they’ll also be very easy to make. You can use an old leather belt for this project. You’ll also need some nails, a hammer, scissors and a measuring tape. You can find all the necessary details on themerrythought. Feel free to also paint the leather if you want.