Home Platinum LEED Residence Rated by RWH Design

All architects wish to build their own dream house. Same goes to Carol Richard, the founder of Richard WIttchiebe Hand. With all her experiences over her years of working and the help of her husband who is a mechanical engineer, Coral built her own house in Madison.

Ross Street House by RWH Design2

They built the first residence rated Home Platinum LEED in her state of Wisconsin known as Ross Street House. Anyways, with the surround of the neighborhood having most houses of post world war design, Carol and her husband then also worked around their house to maintain the design for the neighborhood.

The neat thing about the house is that the design will be able to capture enough of the sunlight from the south during the winter and providing shade from the sunlight during the summer using the idea of the box camera. Then the sunlight will be controlled inside the house with the uniquely designed window.

In fact, the house was designed to provide and nice and clean air in the house by minimizing the exchange of air between the interior and exterior of the house. It is also worth to mention the use of water storage system to collect rainwater just outside the porch.