The B House – A Perfect Way To Combine Work With Family Time

This residence is the materialization of the clients’ desire to be able to work from home in order to spend more time with their young children. The Tal Goldsmith Fish design studio, known for the unique, personal and functional solutions they offer, was the team put in charge of the whole project.

The B House family roomView in gallery

The house is located in Israel and was completed in 2015. It has a simple, modern and very fresh design overall. The home office space and the family areas are seamlessly interconnected, resulting in a perfect blend of functions.

The B House living room - office connectionView in gallery

The partitions between these areas are made of aluminum and glass. They allow the parents to keep an eye on the kids while working without being disturbed or distracted. The ground floor is occupied by an open plan living and dining area and an office space. In between them is the staircase that offers access to the upper level.

The B House living room armchairsView in gallery

The dining room and the kitchen are connected and form a single space. Their décor is well-balanced and based on contrasts. The dining area is bright, being placed next to the windows and white curtain, while the kitchen is defined by black as the main color. The Flow dining chairs offers the perfect mix of elegance and comfort.

The B House kitchen and dining areasView in gallery

The B House kitchen island

A kitchen island with seating separates these two functions and a set of sculptural pendant lamps hanging above the dining table adds a bit of drama to this area. The parquet flooring gives the whole space a warm and inviting look.

The B House dining table pendant lightsView in gallery

In the living room, a custom bookshelf featuring a geometric design ans weighing approximately a ton is the main focal point. The unit is made of aluminum and is one of the defining features of the whole residence. A pair of Husk chairs are placed in front of it, completing the family room

The B House living room bookshelf

The B House staircaseView in gallery

The staircase situated in between the living space and the office offer access to the upper level where the bedrooms are located. The master suite is a simple and elegant space, with a Tufty bed at the center and an entire wall of cabinets which offer plenty of storage.

The B House master bedroomView in gallery

The B House master bedroom cabinet wallView in gallery

A separate chest of drawers doubles as a headboard and, at the same time, separates the sleeping and dressing spaces. The chandelier above the bed is gorgeous, featuring an artistic, sculptural design perfect for the room.

The B House master bathroom vanityView in gallery

The B House master bathroom showerView in gallery

The master bathroom is defined by the same type of stone used for the floor, the walls, the sink and the counter. This continuity ensures a very simple and neutral décor which allows the room to feel relaxing and calming.

The B House small bathroom wood wallView in gallery

The second, smaller bathroom has a very beautiful focal point in the form of a sculptural wooden wall illuminated from above. The rest of the décor is white and basic, maintaining a balanced look throughout.

The B House office space dividersView in gallery

By using a limited array of colors, textures and materials, the design team managed to create a very harmonious décor throughout. This is in perfect sync with the requirements.

The B House back yardView in gallery

The residence also has a spacious back yard. Out here there’s a covered patio that houses an outdoor dining area. Separately, there’s also an outdoor kitchen. A simple, modern fence separates the property from the neighboring ones.

The B House outdoor dining areaView in gallery

Just as in the case of the interior spaces, the lack of excessive decorations and the elegant combination of modern elements with subtle industrial hints result in a very harmonious ambiance throughout.

The B House outdoor kitchenView in gallery

Both the interior living area and the back yard are visible from the home office. This allows the parents to keep a close eye on the kids, whether they decide to stay indoors or to play outside. In addition, the close proximity of the work space to the back yard means that lots of natural light enters the room, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable work environment and fresh views of the surroundings.