Highlands Vacation House by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects

I am going to tell about a beautiful family holiday house. This vacation house is located in a beautiful surrounding in a forest area which is very much nearby to Lake Sequoyah. This lake is present in pastoral North Carolina. This house is known for its scenic beauty. The appearance of the house is giving us the idea of living in a tree house.

Highlands Vacation House

The entire house is little bit raised from the ground so that the natural sceneries can be seen from any point of the house. Moreover it reduces the threat of floods. It is being built as a robust structure. In addition to this if some other materials like horizontal wooden walls, local slate and with a roof made of metal, and then it would probably look like comfortable retreat.

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This house is known for its scenic beauty and apt location surrounded by water, naturally anyone who sees this will be carried away and would desire to stay atleast for a day.