Having Red In Your Home’s Interior Décor

Red is a very strong and vibrant color which can make anything pop. It’s why when using it in interior décor it’s important to know exactly what you’re doing. Things can get out of control easily so here are a few pointers you might find helpful.

Using red on the walls.

Red wall living roomView in gallery

If you decide painting the walls red, then make sure you’re ready for a dynamic and dramatic décor. It would be best to only paint one wall red and the rest to remain neutral. Then there are also other options, such as hanging red wall art, painting stripes or having red curtains or drapes.

Red furniture.

Red sofa velvet styleView in gallery

A red piece of furniture will definitely become a focal point for the room so choose wisely. For the living room, a red sofa would be a nice option. In the case of the bedroom, you can have a red headboard or nightstand.

A red front door.

Red door dutch designView in gallery

Give your entryway a fresh and powerful new look with a red front door. It will definitely pop and it’s an element that influences both the facade of your house and the interior design.

Red dining chairs.

Add red chairs for your dining roomView in gallery

Bring energy and surprise into your dining room and opt for red chairs. They can be the perfect feature to complement a minimalist table or to visually differentiate this particular area fron your open floor plan.

Red light.

Incorporate red accents in kitchenView in gallery

Apart from looking interesting, warm and unusual, red light also has other benefits. Use red accent lights to add a modern vibe to a space or to create a focal point.