Green House Interior Design by Curtis Maddox

There are places that you like from the first moment you see, without knowing to say what exactly you like about them. It happened the same with the Kingston House when I first saw its pictures; it has that something that makes me like it, but I cannot say which is that something. What is certain is the fact that this house is what MOD Enterprise promotes: a retro charm and character and a modern design. It is the perfect example of the theory the architect Curtis Maddox applies and which says “Less is more”.

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The house is small, with an intimate and playful air given by the open space living, so appropriate for entertaining; the connection between the indoor and outdoor provides harmony. The renovation of the Kingston House, part of a Modest Post WW II Ranch Community, brought a new and fresh air for the entire environment.

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The open floor plan, the wooden floors, the stainless steel appliances, the sliding glass doors, the modern walls and lighting are only some of the aspects that make the ranch a pleasant home where you can feel at ease. Nothing is truer, simplicity is the key word and every room in itself seems to exist in order to prove this theory. The shades of yellow of the walls, the green of the furniture and the splashes of red and blue make the entire space welcoming and inviting. It is definitely the kind of house where everybody feels cozy!Available for $125,000.