Fun & Easy Fall DIYs

Fall is almost here! Bring the Autumn spirit into your home with some fun and easy DIYs the whole family can do. Pumpkins, leaves and scarecrows, they’re all a part of the season and it’s absolutely essential to sprinkle some of these cozy vibes around the house. From the guest bathroom to the kitchen, let’s take a peek at some quick ways to create and decorate for fall!

1. Pumpkin hand soap.

Pumpkin soap edit

Are these not the most adorable little things? Fill the guest bathroom with these pumpkin soaps for a bit of fall and function. Your friends and family may love them so much they may even want to take one home so make sure to make a few extra. And don’t worry, you’d be surprised how easy these are to pull off.{found on site}.

2. Simple acorn wreath.

Green fall wreath

Simple and clean, this modernized, yet rustic, acorn wreath is perfect for adorning the front door once fall hits. We all need something to welcome our guests. It could be a decorated patio or just a wreath hanging out front, either way, an acorn wreath can be the easiest and most stylish way to pay homage to the fall.{found on little}.

3. Dainty fabric pumpkins.

Felt decor fall

These sweet little pumpkins are great for decorating side tables and helping to spruce the Autumn-inspired decor. They’re also great trinkets to give out to your family and friends as a nice little fall surprise. They’re adorable and you can easily customize them by picking out your own fabrics.{found on tipy}.

4. Felt leaf garland.

Felt fall gerland

The kids with love this DIY as it’s already so youthful and playful in style. Grab some fall-colored felt and get to work created this garland. Decorate the mantle or the banister for a quick bit of seasonal festivity.{found on abeautifulmess}.

5. Sweater Candle Holders.

Cozies candle holder

I can’t get over how uniquely adorable these sweater candle holders are. Recycle some old sweaters and create these little cozies. You can turn your summer-colored holders into fall-flavored decor simply by squeezing one of these cuties onto them.{found on blairpeter}.

6. Fall throw pillows.

Fall Pillows 34

Make your own fall pillows. You may think that sewing up and creating a pillow is hard, but if you have a sewing machine, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Choose your fabric, get creative with appliques and inspire your home with Autumn flair.{found on sewwoodsy}.

7. Decoupage autumn pumpkins.

Diy fall pumpkin decoupage

Pumpkins aren’t only for Halloween. They’re good for the entire fall season! Make sure you decorate some pumpkins that can be used from September throughout the Thanksgiving holiday. Use decoupage, ribbon, dried leaves and even paint. Keep them beside the fireplace, in your centerpiece designs or on the staircase.{found on catnipstudio}.