Five tips for cleaning your home in just 30 minutes

Sometimes you don’t have all day for cleaning your home. When you know that guests are on their way, there’s not much time to lose with cleaning and yet it needs to be done. Here’s what you can do to obtain the same results that you would usually get in a day in only 30 minutes.

1. Use a timer.

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When you set a time limit for something you feel compelled to finish in time. You can use this trick when you’re cleaning the house. For example, put something in the microwave and challenge yourself to wash the dishes before it’s done. You can do the same thing with the oven or anything that has a timer.

2. Make the kids feel useful.

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An extra set of hands can be really helpful when you don’t have much time. So, if your kids are home, get the involved. Give them easy tasks like folding the laundry or picking up their toys. It could really make a difference in the long run.

3. Relocate items.

When something keeps popping up in places where it doesn’t belong it probably means that it’s usually used in that place and thus it would be more helpful to just keep it there permanently. This can save you some time when you’re cleaning a room. You’ll have less things to clean and move in other rooms and so you’ll finish faster.

4. Make a list.

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When your house is so messy that you don’t even know where to start from it could be helpful to make a list. Put in there all the things that need to be done such as aspirate the rugs, polishing the furniture, dusting the shelves, doing laundry, etc. When one task is done erase it from the list. You can also turn this into a challenge.

5. Small steps.

Sometimes when you know you have to do something you don’t particularly enjoy such as organizing the cloths in the closet or anything else, it could help to do little bit at a time. It could be fun if you do it while watching TV or playing a game. The key is to find small distractions that will make you forget how much you hate that task.{picture 1 and 2 and 3}.