Modern Residence Perfectly Optimized For Future Retirement

The name of this unique residence says a lot about it. The project was called Fine Sips in Wine Country and was developed by DNM Architect, a company based in the San Francisco Bay Area which offers a full range of services, from planning and programming to designs and remodeling for custom homes as well as commercial and educational projects.

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For the team, each project starts with an analysis of the site and the company’s experience in both LEED and Green Point Rated projects allows it to offer unique solutions ans suggestions. In the case of the Fine Sips in Wine Country project, the focus was on the views but also on the ventilation and the controlled use of solar energy.

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The residence sits on a hillside overlooking Sonoma, in California. Its orientation was carefully chosen in order to highlight the views while also optimizing the ventilation. Carefully selected materials were used throughout the project.

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The residence features structural insulated panels (SIPS), insulated concrete forms (ICFs) as well as a series of other active and passive strategies, all designed to minimize air conditioning to only around 8 days a year.

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In addition to that, the foundations were built in a way that minimizes the heat transfer from above. The residence also has a tightly sealed and insulated shell. The folded metal roof features solar collectors and a rainwater harvesting system. Its design is reminiscent of the surrounding hills, thus allowing the residence to blend in more naturally.

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The interior was also optimized to be as energy-efficient as as user-friendly as possible. The doors and windows have aluminum frames and argon-filled dual glazing. But there’s also another important detail that makes this project special.

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The entire residence was adapted and prepared for the clients’ future retirement. First of all, the almost entire living space was organized on a single level. In addition, the doors were sized to accommodate a future wheelchair and the two stacking closets were designed to leave room for a future elevator.

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An attached annex to the main house can easily be converted into a future care giver’s apartment. This type of flexibility had to be taken into consideration when designing and structuring the residence. A series of other elements and small details suit the same type of needs.

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As you can see, nothing is here by chance. Everything has a purpose and a meaning, from the design of the roof to small features such as glass walk-in shower, the carefully positioned furniture and the placement of the windows.

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The polished concrete floors help moderate temperature swings, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere at all times. In addition, the floors also set a modern and zen ambiance reinforced by small elements such as the combination of textures and colors or the carefully optimized lighting throughout the house.

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