The Ferrari Factory Store in Alessandria – as luxurious and extravagant as the car

Located in Serravalle Scrivia in Alessandria, this Ferrari factory Store is the first one to occupy an entire building. It was entirely designed by Iosa Ghini Associates. Because this is the first Ferrari store to occupy an entire building, the project was special and the architect had the opportunity to imagine a customized design for the project.

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Ferrari Factory Store by Iosa Ghini Associates4View in gallery

Situated in a prime location, the store can be easily accessed from the main road. The building covers an area of approximately 370 square meters. It features a huge glass gallery with a sleek and curved shape. This innovative design makes the building stand out and attract curious visitors every day. The glass shell allows completely visibility for both those inside and those passing by. The huge glass panels were assembled using a frameless anchor system.

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Ferrari Factory Store by Iosa Ghini Associates1View in gallery

There’s also another advantage that comes with this unique design and choice of materials. Light comes in from everywhere and the whole space is bright and airy. The whole building has air conditioning so the ambiance can be easily adjusted. The glass exterior is also treated with UV protection films.