Feminine, Floral Wreaths For Any and Every Home

Spring is officially in session. That means it’s okay to splurge a bit on vivacious colors and to sprinkle the house with wonderful floral prints and vases filled with fresh flowers. Today, we’re focusing on a traditional, wonderful symbol of warm weather: the floral wreath. Whether you’re decorating the front door and welcoming every guest that comes over or creating some unique wall decor, floral wreaths are a soft, feminine touch for any home.

1. Rustic.

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On the front door on the house or even on the front door of the backyard shed, a simple, rustic wreath can have spring touches too. With dark branches and just a few bright yellow flowers (or even some fuchsia) you’ll have the perfect welcoming on any and every door. Of course you can use more flowers and keep that rustic appeal but just using thinner florals and staying away from voluminous blooms. Use muted colors and nothing exceptionally outlandish when you’re envisioning something that blends in with its rustic surrounding.{found on lovelycupboard}.

2. Vintage.

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Lush roses and rich greenery are reminiscent of Victorian time that erupted with all things delicate and feminine. Maybe you’ve created a Victorian-inspired guest bath or a back porch filled with vintage-inspired decor, a beautiful wreath filled with soft-colored florals may be just want you need to round out the experience. I’d stay with ulta feminine colors and lots of beautiful pastel shades.{found on lilhoot}.

3. Traditional.

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For a cozy, traditional home – you may even want to make one  yourself! With some dried flowers you can easily create a simple, floral wreath! Hang one on all the outside doors or even the outside windows for a welcome to the neighborhood. You may even want to try and create something with a bit of aromatherapy using lavender.{found on craftydiybride}.

4. Modern.

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You can still use wonderful, spring colors in a modern wreath. With fresh flowers or handmade paper buds, as long as it’s a clean-cut shape, it’ll fit that modern feel. So, make sure all the flowers are the same size, and around the same shape (with nothing specifically standing out). This will mesh with the sleek edges of a contemporary home but still bring in the warm that wreaths are known to do!

5. Eclectic.

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Who said a wreath has to be round? With some DIY felt flowers and a picture frame, you can easily create a funky, eclectic floral wreath to bring luck and invitation to any door or room. Use out-of-the-box colors and different sizes and shapes for more of that mix-matched look and style.{found on deliacreates}.