Six Interesting Methods For Making Your Own Statement Art

One way to make a living room stand out and look memorable is through an eye-catching art piece. Statement pieces can take many different forms but you’ll want something unique, preferably handmade in order to get the wow factor. The natural course of action would be to make something yourself. For that, you could use some inspiration. Perhaps one of the following project would look nice in your home.


Let’s start with something simple like the statement piece featured on alisaburke. You can make something similar using raw and unstretched canvas and some black shoe polish. First of all, select a poem that you like. It could also be a quote. From here on things are really simple. You’ll have to use shoe polish to write the poem on the canvas. Then just display it on the wall. Check out the description for more details.

Bedroom Makeover Wall

Instead of hanging something on the wall you can turn the entire wall into a statement feature by painting it. For example, you could make a mosaic accent wall. For that, you’ll need paint in various different colors, base coat paint, tape, rollers and a brush. First you’ll need to make a grid on the wall using tape and that’s the hardest part. Then the fun begins: painting each section with a different color. The project is described on eastcoastcreativeblog.

Statement wall art

Using a stencil can make things a little bit easier. For example, if you want to make your accent wall look like the one on abeautifulmess, you’ll need to make a cardboard stencil. You’ll also need paint, a paint pen and push pins. After your stencil is all done and ready to be used, tape it to a section of the wall, securing it with push pins, and start tracing around it with the paint pen. When you’re done with that part, move the stencil and repeat the process.

Graphic accent wall art

Another option is to use tape to design a pattern on the wall, instead of using a stencil. The first step would be to prep the wall and to then create the desired pattern using painter’s tape. To make sure the lines are clean, seal the edges of the tape with a light coat of the original color. After that, apply a coat of paint and let it dry a few minutes. Apply a second coat and let it dry. Remove the tape to reveal the pattern.

Mountain mural wall art diy

There’s also another method you can use and it doesn’t involve stencils of any kind. In this case, you’d have to paint the wall using your skills and imagination. You can find some inspiration in the project featured on pamlostracco. You should apply the lightest color first and then add the other layers. You should print out the image you want to create so you can use it as a guide. This is a mountain mural but you can pick any other design you want as long as you think you can get it right.