Eclectric residence in California, expanded and refurbished

An already very beautiful home has been refurnished and expanded thus becoming even more stylish and chic. It’s this residence located in Liberty Hill, San Francisco, California. The house was already elegant and beautiful and now it’s even more impressive. It’s because it has been rebuilt to the highest standards.

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The remodeling project was conducted by San Francisco-based design studio McMahon Architects. They rebuilt this beautiful house, turning it into a stunning residence. Not only that it looks dreamy, but it can be a dream come true for its new owner. The home is currently on sale for approximately $4, 495,000 million. The renovation and expansion project was completed in March 2012 and this luxurious residence is now ready to become someone else’s dream home.

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The home features a large and sunny deck that can be accessed via a series of front steps. It then leads to the entrance, with double doors and a very inviting look. You then reach the foyer. It features ebonized panels on the walls and a rather dramatic atmosphere.

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Everything then becomes more friendly and casual as you reach the living room. It’s a spacious and inviting space with a black marble fireplace in the center, high ceilings, large windows and a very charming interior décor. Adjacent to the living room is the dining area. It’s also spacious and impressive, featuring a multi-tiered light fixture. The residence is not only stylish and elegant, but also flexible and great for both large dinner gatherings, parties and relaxing family moments.