Easy DIY hanging herb garden

Usually those that love plants and enjoy having them in their home also enjoy DIY projects ad like to get creative and to put their mind to work in order to come up with new ways of displaying their garden. It’s why we thought you would like this particular project. It shows you how to make a hanging herb garden out of wine bottles and copper tubing.

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The idea is to use the copper tubing as a central axis for the garden. You would have to first hang one end to the ceiling using a hook or whatever you find appropriate. Then the tubing will go all the way to the floor and will end in an empty wine bottle. The bottle will serve as a sort of anchor. On this axis you will place the other containers. They are also made from wine bottles. But this time the bottles have to be cut in half and you will use only the upper part hanging upside down. You will also have to attach the cork because the bottles will be filled with soil for the plants.

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You will also use copper tubing to attach the bottles to the axis. Simply wrap it around the bottles, creating a spiral that allows them to remain attached to the main tubing. This spiral will start from the top and work its way down around the bottles, going from one bottle to another so that they are all interconnected. The central tubing will go right through the bottles and the corks. It’s a simple and interesting way of displaying small plants.