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Make Sure You Have the Best Dremel Wood Carving Bits for Woodworking

When it comes to woodworking or engraving wood, Dremel is the brand that stands out to everyone from professional to DIY. If you are here reading this article, it means that you’re interested in woodworking and need a good wood carving kit.

dremel wood carving bits

There are so many good options on the market that can make looking for the best drama wood carving so confusing unless you have help picking the best one.

That’s why today we rounded up 6 of the best Dremel wood carving kits for you to consider. With these sets, you will be able to do everything you’ve wanted to do with woodworking and the good news is they’re compatible with most rotary tools. Read on to find out more!

Top 3 Dremel wood carving bits

Best Overall: Rotary Burr Set by ALLmuis

Not only is the ALLmuis Rotary Burr Set beginner-friendly and easy to use, but it’s also made out of high quality and can be used on multiple materials that aren’t just wood. It’s also affordable.

Best Quality: Routing Router Grinding Bit Set by unho

If you are a woodworking professional, you’ll absolutely love this Routing Router Grinding Bit Set by unho. It has 20 pieces that are made out of high-quality material and it can be used for many things.

Best Bargain: QLOUNI 20pcs Rotary Bit

If you want a decent 20 pc rotary bit set for less, you’ll love QLOUNI. You can do all kinds of woodworking projects and the bits can fit on any Dremel tool.

About Dremel

Dremel was founded in Racine Wisconsin in 1932 by Albert J Dremel. They are primarily known as the company that makes high-quality rotary tools. Whether you use it for woodworking, detailing, or even on your pet’s nails, there’s always a Dremel for that and that’s why they’re very popular today.

What are Wood Carving Bits?

They are bits that are made specifically for wood carving. There are 4 different types, usually found in Dremel wood carving kits, and they are:

  • Cutting Bits
  • Drilling and Routing Bits
  • Sanding Bits
  • Etching and Engraving Bits

Can I Use Regular Drill Bits for Wood Carving?

You can if they are small enough, but you’ll have to make sure the material on them can actually drill or be used on wood. You also want to make sure that it is compatible with your Dremel tool or another rotary tool that you will be using or wood carving or other projects.

What are Wood Carving Bits

Types of Bits Found in Dremel Wood Carving Kits

Cutting Bits

Cutting bits are disc-shaped but they can look different according to the amount of space and between the teeth. Honestly, if the intervals are larger, it means you can be used for cutting.

Drilling and Routing Bits

These bits have a wide selection which means you can carry out the most important wood carving functions. Normally you have to check to make sure that your Dremel tool is compatible because these bits have various strengths.

Sanding Bits

You can use a Dremel bit to stand your workpiece. Sanding bits can be either of the two types which are drum bits and disc bits. Drum bits are small cylindrical shapes with an abrasive band at the end.

Disc bits are just this shape, and they have an abrasive surface to help with smooth sanding.

The good news is, they’re not limited to Wood. You can also use these to sand other materials like glass.

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Etching and Engraving Bits

The bits are super small which means that they can make designs that you want to engrave or etch on wood. Some of these bits are on the wider side so you’ll definitely want to find the right one that you’re going to be using for your etching or engraving project.

6 Best Dremel Wood Carving Kits 

QLOUNI Rotary Bit Burrs Set

Wood QLOUNI Rotary Bit Burrs Set

We’re starting off with QLOUNI, which has a 20pc rotary bit burrs set that are worth considering. The bits themselves are from high-quality construction which will appeal to beginner woodworkers. You can do everything from engraving, carving to even drilling so it is multifunctional to whatever you would need a rotary bit set for. The construction is made out of high-speed steel and tungsten coating, so it’s extremely durable.

Each bit had the same diameter of 1/8 of an inch which means it can fit on a Dremel tool with no problem. The length of each bit is about 4cm so they are easy to control while using your routing tool. Both professionals and DIY’ers will enjoy using this rotary bit set. The finishing of these bits is not perfect but this set is extremely affordable so that is probably one thing that you can overlook.


  • Affordable
  • Can fit on most Dremel tools
  • Multifunctional


  • Not the highest quality
  • May not please advanced woodworkers

Rotary Burr Set Carving Tool

Rotary Burr Set Carving Tool

The ALLmuis Rotary Burr Set has bits that are made out of high-quality tungsten steel. There are 10 pieces in this set, and the shank size is about 3 mm. The bits also come in assorted shapes and sizes which include a ball, cone, rounded cylinder, flat tops cylinder, and tapered. These bits are good for trimming, veining, casting, forging, and weldment. You can also use the bits to file glass, tile, brick, ceramic, tile, wood, classic, fiberglass, and more. These bits can fit on any rotary tool, and they can fit on a Dremel tool as well. This set does come with a plastic key to keep the bits all in one place and for easy storage. This rotary bits set is perfect for jewelers, hobbies, and crafts. There is so much you can do with these bits.


  • Good for Jewelers & etc.
  • Can be used on glass, tile, brick & more
  • Made out of high-quality tungsten steel


  • Shaft size is smaller than leading competitor’s bits

PCS HSS Routing Router Grinding Bit Set

PCS HSS Routing Router Grinding Bit Set

Unho router grinding set has bits that are made from high-quality high-speed steel so that means they are extremely durable and they produce a smooth precise cut on any workpiece that you use them on. You can’t use these pieces on any sort of metal, but you can still use them on plastic and abs. There are 20 different bits to make sure that you can fulfill everything that you need for your work carving project. The bits are compatible with most rotary tools. We will make note that these bits are not the highest quality so if you’re not used to handling tool parts regularly, it can be somewhat unsafe to use. But it’s still extremely affordable and very practical to use.


  • Very affordable
  • Made from high-quality high-speed steel
  • 20 different bits


  • Not beginner friendly as bits can sometimes slip and be unsafe to use

Rotary Bits Burr Set

Rotary Bits Burr Set

The rotary bits burr set by DKIBBITH has 20 pieces and it’s made out of high-speed steel with titanium plating to make sure that the tools can stay durable and sharp for a very long time. These bits have a 1/8-in chain and 1.5 in total length. That means it can work with most small rotary tools and it’s perfect for engraving. It works perfectly on soft materials like wood and plastic. This rotary bit set comes with a plastic case so that there’s convenient storage and you can take these bits with you wherever you may need them for.


  • Made out of high-quality construction
  • Works with most small rotary tools
  • Ideal for engraving/etching


  • The bits sometimes don’t cut, according to some users

Titanium Coated Engraving Milling Cutter Carbide Bits

Titanium Coated Engraving Milling Cutter Carbide Bits

The YEEZUGO Carbide Bits have 10 pieces that are made out of ultra-fine grain carbide (tungsten steel) material that has great cutting and milling performance. These pieces are 0.8 to 3 mm with a ⅛ inch shank. They are also coated with titanium which means they can go faster with the rotary tool that you put it on, and they can also resist wear. These carbide bits can be used on plastic, what, and other soft materials. The set is compatible with most rotary tools, including the Dremel. This thing is perfect for anyone who wants a set that works with softer materials.


  • Made out of carbide
  • Works on softer materials well
  • Extremely durable, can go at a higher speed due to being coated with titanium


  • Can’t cut through metal very well, if at all

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr Set

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr Set

Last on our list, we have the 20 pieces Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr Set by Mudder. The carbide rotary set is made from a high-speed steel tungsten car by steer which means it can work efficiently and it can last a long time. The bits themselves are 8/5 inches and have a 1/8-inch shank. They also come with sanding drums with 1/8-in shanks to use with small rotating tools such as Dremel Wen.

You can do anything from woodworking, drilling, engraving, and more with this set. These bits can work on wood, plastic, home, or other soft materials. It doesn’t do well on metal; you do get different shapes of bits and 22 pieces standing drum so that you can do various carving or drilling projects.

Tips for Using Dremel Wood Carving Kits

Use a Rotary or Dremel Tool

To start carving with Dremel bits, you’ll want to use either a rotary or Dremel tool. It depends on the size of the tool that you have to determine what size bits that you can put on the tool.

Get the Material Ready

Whether you use wood, plastic, or metal, you’ll want to get it ready for you to do your next project. It’ll be much easier to start off with softwood when starting out.

Use the Right Bits

Bits that are meant for etching or engraving, probably won’t do well if you’re going to be drilling holes in the bits. The reason behind that is because the smaller bits are used for detailing while the larger ones can usually handle being drilled into the material.

Have Your Stencil Ready

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to draw the design you want on a stencil paper to have it ready to etch on the wood. But if you’re particularly good, you can just draw the design on the wood once you have the right Dremel bits on.

Make Sure the Wood is Securely in Place to Start Working

You’ll want to make sure that the wood piece is actually securely in place or clamped down so that it doesn’t move when you’re working on it.

Put on Safety Equipment

From everything to clothes to safety glasses, you’ll want to make sure you have all that one to protect yourself from the sparks and more. You’ll also want to wear gloves for the same reason because some Dremel tools can get very hot or have a higher vibration than others.

Start Carving

After putting your design on the wood (or whichever material you are engraving/etching on), you should put the right bits on the Dremel tool and start carving. You’ll want to hold it like a pencil if you’re doing engraving/etching.

Work Slowly

Dremel tools have a small motor, so trying to get the job done quickly will be impossible. Instead, work slowly with short strokes to achieve the results that you are looking for in the carving. You’ll also want to work in the same direction as the wood grain to achieve desirable results.

Use Different Dremel Wood Carving Bits as Needed

When woodcarving, you’ll have to switch between bits to make sure the design actually looks like a design. For example, if you need to cut or carve a larger piece of wood, you’ll want to use the sabretooth bit. It has sharp teeth and can quickly tear through the wood. But if you need to outline your design, you’ll want to use a fluted carbide bit. It has small vertical channels with sharp edges so it’s easy to outline with this bit. To round out the edges (sanding), you’ll want to use a diamond bit, which has a rough texture like sandpaper. Always remember to wipe your design with a cloth so that the sawdust is not in the way while changing between bits.

Sand/finish Your Design

After you’re done doing what you wanted to be done with the wood, you can start to sand with the sanding drum (some Dremel wood carving kits come with those, but you may have to buy them separately). But if you don’t have that, then you can use the diamond bit to sand the design. You’ll then use the ball-shaped fluted bit if you wish to add texture to your design. If you want a darker area on your wood, you’ll use the wood burner if desired. You can also choose, at the very end, to put a clear coat finish to help preserve the wood/design.

Bottom Line

When it comes to Dremel wood carving kits and bits, you definitely want to make sure they are most suitable for wood carving and they’re extremely efficient. You also want to make sure that they laugh a really long time and can let you do other things other than carving, such as drilling, detailing, and more.

We wish you and good luck in your search for the perfect Dremel wood carving set and we hope that your pieces will come out just the way that you wanted to. If you have enjoyed reading this guide or have any other questions about Dremel Wood carving kits, please let us know in the comments if you want to!