Downtown Montreal Penthouse by René Desjardins

This stylish and modern penthouse can be found in downtown Montreal. The project is actually called Montreal Penthouse and it was developed by Canadian interior designer René Desjardins He chose a contemporary style for this apartment. With a total surface of 3,300 square feet, this place is huge. Situated on the 23rd floor, the penthouse also benefits from panoramic views over the city.

Penthouse by René Desjardins2

The apartment was divided into two main zones. One is the social areas and it includes the living room, the dining area, the kitchen and a home theatre. The other one is the private zone that contains the bedrooms. This distinction is very functional as it maintains a quiet and tranquil environment for the bedroom areas which should normally be relaxing and it provides you with more freedom regarding the social spaces. The living room is very spacious. It has white walls and charcoal grey accent walls that give it a modern and minimalist look.

Penthouse by René Desjardins3

Penthouse by René Desjardins4

Penthouse by René Desjardins5

Penthouse by René Desjardins6

Penthouse by René Desjardins8

Penthouse by René Desjardins9

Penthouse by René Desjardins10

Penthouse by René Desjardins11

Penthouse by René Desjardins12

Penthouse by René Desjardins13

Penthouse by Ren%C3%A9 Desjardins

The apartment features contemporary furniture throughout and a range of neutral colors. The color palette is restraint and based on shades of grey, white, black, beige and some red accents. The décor has a luxurious look and the architecture and choice of furniture make the rooms seem spacious and open. In addition, the views are very beautiful and they add to the charm of this already wonderful penthouse.