15 Ways to DIY With Wine Crates

I am a reluctant DIYer. There are stacks of empty jars and patterned paper and rustic wood sitting around my house just waiting for the perfect project to turn them into something new and fun. And the wine crates. Those wooden pieces can take up quite a bit of storage space, however they can be the easiest to transform into a piece you love. Let’s make a pact. I’ll take my wine crates and you take yours and together, we’ll choose one of these 15 DIYs that will make our crates into something useful and beautiful. Deal?

Wine craft storage - spray painters storage

Inserting a few slices of wood into your crate to form smaller squares can make a lovely organizing piece for your crafting space out of something you craft with. Irony? (via Remodelando la Casa)

Wine crate side table

Let your child choose the paper and all you have to do is attach the legs. Suddenly you have a side table so affordable and stylist, you’ll want one for every bedroom in your home. (via Pillar Box Blue)

Wine crate succulent planter

A planter out of a wine crate? Now why didn’t I think of that? Just be sure you cover up any holes so your dirt doesn’t leak out. This will be the perfect piece to sit on your tiny porch or your patio table. (via My Life At Playtime)

Wine crate shoe storage

Shoe storage can be a real beast, if you know what I mean. Put an extra shelf in your crate and you’ll have space to stow away several pairs of soles. Bonus points if you craft the cushion to make this a bench. (via Handimania)

Wine crates used like shelves

Here’s a wine crate DIY that will take you a day. Paint the inside of your crates a bright happy colors and when the paint dries, screw them to your wall. Then you can spend the rest of your weekend styling them! (via Pallet Furniture DIY)

Wine crate seed box

You gardeners know best how seed packets can take over your life. Collect all yours in this pretty wine crate box that you made yourself. (via Surpriseaholic)

DIY desk from wine crates

Maybe your significant other is threatening to throw out your crates so you need an immediate rescue. Stack them, add a piece of wood on top and you have an instant rustic desk. (via Desire to Inspire)

Wine crate rolling storage

Crates on wheels? Brilliant stuff. Roll them into your pantry for food storage or into the closet for shoe storage or into the bathroom for toiletry story or under the bed for stuff storage. They’ll work pretty much anywhere. (via FrugElegance)

Wine crate tray table

What do you get when you have a wine crate and an old fold up table? A lovely outdoor tray table! Whether you use it in your garden or on your patio, you’ll be glad to have it. (via Beyond the Picket Fence)

Wine crate bar cart

Storing wine in a wine crate seems a little cliche, but this bar cart totally works. Whether you have two or three levels, it’s compact size makes it perfect for small apartments. (via Aloha Home Solutions)

Wine crate charging station

Raise your hand if you’re always looking for your charging cable. Well look no more with this wine crate DIY. A charging station is just the thing to give your cable a home and hide your charging devices. (via eHow)

Wine crate mini table

For those in tiny homes who think that they don’t have space for wine crate DIYs, this one’s for you. With only two legs, this little side table is perfect to accompany your favorite chair. (via Dwell Beautiful)

Wine crate shelf storage

Of all the wine crate DIYs, you’ve probably seen the stacked crates for shelves before. But when you see styling like this, with all the interesting levels and pieces, how can you resist adding one to your own home? (via Happy Interior Blog)

Wine crate cat tree

Yes, I couldn’t resist including this wine crate cat tree. It would take only the amateur carpenter skills and some scrap carpet to reproduce this piece that will quickly become your cat’s favorite thing ever. (via Hollywood Thing)

Christmas tree from Crates

Yes, you can use your crates for Christmas too. Just stack them in a triangle shape, add some candles and pine branches and you’ll have the most compact, most festive Christmas tree your little space has ever had. (via Pretty Nice)