Birch Wood Walls That Make Spaces Feel Like Silent Forests

The natural beauty of birch wood is very appreciated in the world of interior design. This material is often used in furniture but also in its raw, natural form as a way to add texture and beauty to a space. Birch tree trunks are sometimes used to create unique space dividers or to cover walls. Together we’ll take in the charming beauty of a few such projects.


First of all, let’s see how you could create a textured birch wall in your home, if such a feature is something you find suitable for the space. Marthastewart offers a detailed tutorial for such a project. The materials needed for it include a sanding block and medium or fine grade sandpaper, precut birch discs around 1” thick, a paintbrush, clear matte polyurethane, some plywood panels, adhesive, a drill, pliers, screw-in hanger bolts and wall screws. The wall will also include hangers for coats and accessories. As you can imagine, this is a feature envisioned for the entryway, although you can also adapt the project for other spaces.

Birch wall

As charming as birch discs and slices may be, they can’t compete with a full trunk. You can see here how a wall would look like if you were to place floor-to-ceiling birch tree trunks alongside it. Actually, you can create the wall using only wood, without needing to waste space with anything else. This way you won’t feel forced to follow a straight line.

bring nature inside

In case you decide to simply use some birch tree trunks as decorations for a wall, you don’t need them to completely cover the wall. Space them out to also highlight the wall behind. Such an accent wall could look extremely beautiful in a dining area or bedroom.

tree birch decor

Another option if you want to use actual birch trees in your home’s décor is to create these space dividers which look like small indoor gardens and have a zen and charming look. The trees can be integrated in a more complex design which can also include various other elements such as plants, rocks, moss and other things.

use birch for room dividers

If a symbolic space divider is what you have in mind, then consider this design made with birch tree branches and thin trunks. You could add such a feature to an open plan living space or to a bedroom if you want to visually separate the sleeping area from the reading space or lounge area.

Birch tree wallpaper

For those of you that enjoy the beautiful look of birch wood but would rather not bring actual trees in their homes, there’s also an alternative: birch tree wallpaper. It can mimic the natural beauty of the trees quite well and doesn’t take up any floor space which can sometimes be a wonderful advantage.

Faux wallpaper birch

Birch tree murals can capture nature’s beauty even more accurately. The trees can appear to come to life and you can customize the wall’s design in all sorts of beautiful and interesting ways. So if you like birch trees but would rather let them live in the forest, consider this stylish and artistic option.

birch wallpaper behind sofa

Similarly, a birch tree vinyl wall sticker can bring in all that beauty in a poetic and artistic fashion. This option allows you to better control the colors included in the interior design of that particular space.