12 DIY Pinecone Crafts – Perfect To Keep You Busy On A Cold Fall Day

Pinecones are one of the great things that autumn brings every year. Of course, you don’t have to wait till autumn comes in order to find pinecones in the trees but there’s something very special about working with them when it’d cold outside. Pinecones have various cultural uses and they can also be used for all sorts of crafts and projects. Let’s take a look at a few suggestions.


This mini pinecone wreath is a nice way to decorate the table for Thanksgiving, Christmas and for other occasions as well. To make it, you need a few small pinecones, a hot glue gun, jewelry wire and cardstock.{found on ohsobeautifulpaper}.

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Pinecones are very beautiful as they are so you can display them in your home in various ways. You can also embellish them a little and make them stand out.{found on brightnest}.

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How about a pinecone garland to display on your porch or even inside your home? All you have to do is find a few pinecones that look nice and use twine to connect them in a garland.{found on simplyhappenstance}.

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Pinecone Firelighters

Here’s an interesting craft: a pinecone firelighter. It’s very useful if you have a fireplace and it looks good. To make one you need a pinecone, a cupcake case and a small candle.{found on site}.

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Card Holders

Pinecones make excellent place card holders because of their natural design. You don’t have to change anything about them. Just make the cards and insert them in a slot you’re previously make down the center.{found on projectwedding}.

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Sparkling Pinecones Placecard

You can also use pinecones to dress up a simple place setting. All you need is some pinecones and name tags. You can give the pinecones a makeover and add some glitter or beads.{found on hgtv}.

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Candle holder

Although mixing pinecones with fire is not a very good idea, the combination can be beautiful if you choose a safe approach. You can make beautiful candle holders using pinecones and some cardboard.{found on stylizimoblog}.

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Paint Dipped Pinecone

You can easily turn a pinecone into a beautiful Christmas decoration. All you have to do is dip it in paint, let it dry and attach a tiny hanger and, optionally, a bow or ribbon.{found on site}.

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Silver Wreath

A pinecone wreath would be a lovely decoration for your front door. To make things simpler, you can use a frame instead of a wreath form and simply glue the pinecones on. Then use ribbon to hang the wreath somewhere.{found on tatertotsandjello}.

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Gold Painted

An easy and elegant way to bring the fall inside your home is with a few pinecones painted golden. Select the pinecones, spray paint them and display them in a jar or in any other way you want.{found on crabandfish}.

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Christmas Gerland

Here’s another interesting pinecone garland. This time, the pinecones have been dipped in paint and they have white tips. Use yarn to connect the pinecones and to make the garland.{found on hgtv}.