Use Your Knitting Skills To Create A Cozy Home

Sweaters aren’t the only cozy things you can knit. Just think about it. Your home needs knitted things too if you want it to be cozy so put your skills to good use. Wondering what exactly we’re referring to? Well, there are a lot of things you can knit that would make your home feel comfy. The knitting strategies you can use for these projects are quite diverse so pick your favorite.

Crocheted Wall Clock

Ever wondered what else you can use for knitting except for the usual yarn? Perhaps some grocery bags for example. That would be an interesting way of recycling them. Check out this wall clock. It’s made from knitted plastic bags and the other needed supplies include a crochet hook, a clock mechanism and a doily mechanism.{found on creativejewishmom}.

Crocheted jute twine coaster

Coasters are another fun idea. You can crochet these using jute twine and a suitable hook. You’ll also need a yarn needle to give them the circular shape. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to make these coasters on Deliacreates. Feel free to customize them and to combine several different colors to get the desired look.

Crocheted Cozy Mug

For those cold winter mornings, make a cozy for your coffee mug. You’ll first have to select a mug or a cup that you want to use for this project. Preferably it shouldn’t be too small or delicate. Then, once you have this part figured out, head over to shirleyandeadie for some details and instructions on how to actually make that lovely mug cozy.

Neon crocheted lamp wire

Although this project we found on ludorn doesn’t really have much to do with knitting, it’s definitely one designed to make your home cozy and fun. The idea behind it is simple. You use yarn in different colors to cover a simple light bulb shade such as this one. Combined with a colored cord, it should look pretty cute.

Little snow crocheted design accessories

Some projects are designed to be cosmetic and have a decorative purpose. In other words, you’ll now learn how to make cute fairy toys with which to decorate your mantle, planter wall or shelves. You’ll need cotton yarn in white and tan brown as well as a few other colors for the eyes and hair, a crochet and a wood needle. Find out more about this from daniandbel.

Crocheted wall art

Another decoration you can make for your cozy home is described on islaura. It doesn’t really have any practical purpose unless you decide to give it one. You can make it using some yarn or twine of your choice and a tree branch to attach it to. The fringes at the bottom can have different colors or can be just as simple as everything else.

Concrete and crocheted style doorstop

A cozy for your door stopper, that would surely be a cute idea. And while you’re at it, what if you actually make the door stopper yourself from scratch. You’ll need a plastic container to use as a mold, some cement mix, something to pierce two holes through the container and a piece or rope or cord to use as a handle. You can then design the cozy around it for a perfect fit. {found on johannarundel}.

Hanging Crocheted planter

For your favorite planter, you can knit a beautiful hanging basket so you can place it anywhere you want. You can make the hanging planter out of an old T-shirt and using a large crochet hook, a tapestry needle and scissors. The project is described in detail on cloverusa. First you’ll need to cut the shirt into thin strips which is basically the most time-consuming part of this project.

Crocheted baskets for fall

These beautiful knitted baskets we found on upcraftclub are very versatile and you can use them for a lot of things. You can even take them out in the garden and fill them with fresh goodies. They’re not that difficult to make once you get familiar with the whole process. Obviously, you can choose to alter the design and to give them a customized look.