Cork-lined Containers Stay Stylish By Being Soft

Need a fresh design idea for your pencil holders or planters? We can offer you just that. The idea we propose is to use cork board. It can be incredibly versatile and a really nice option if you want to make these containers more practical and functional than they already are. Basically, by covering them with cork board you’ll also be able to pin things on them and that’s very practical in the office. Of course, these projects are not only great for the office but also for a bunch of other spaces and situations.


Covering something with cork is really easy. In addition, you can use containers such as empty tin cans since they’ll be completely covered. First you should clean the can and remove the label. Then measure its height and cut a piece of cork with that width. Place the can on top of it, add some glue and roll it so the cork wraps around once or twice. Put some glue on this end as well. Stick pins in the cork to keep the ends secure. {found on papernstitchblog}.


Metal cans aren’t your only option. Glass jars can be just as good. Of course, you’ll need to change your strategy if you want to cover them with cork. You’ll only be able to cover once section of the jar so decide how big this section should be and cut a piece of cork with that width. Wrap it around the jar to decide how long it should be. You can then use a hot glue gun to attach the cork to the jar. At the end, you can wrap some twine around it as well if you want. {found on darcielantz}.

polka dot cork pencil cup

Whether you use a tin can or a glass jar for this, it doesn’t really matter. What we want to show you now is how to make a cute pencil holder with polka dots on it. After you roll the cork and wrap it around the container, glue it down with a hot glue gun. After that you can paint the desired pattern on it or you can use stickers. You can use foil tape for this part. To make polka dots, use a circle cutter to make the stickers. Remove the backing of the foil and apply the circles to the cork.{found on blissbloomblog}.

Succulent cork

But pencil holders aren’t the only things you can wrap in cork. Planters are a second option. The cork-wrapped succulent planters featured on theinspiredhive look really chic and, as you can imagine, the project is really simple. For each planter you’ll need a glass jar, paint, cork, glue and succulents. The jar is painted here with white acrylic paint. Since you’ll be covering most of it, only the top portion needs to be painted.

Cork pot planters

If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, you can also purchase cork planters and enjoy their beauty without doing any of the work. You have several options to choose from. These ones featured on gardenista have a simple, chic and modern design. They’re made of cork and has a natural beeswax finish.