Divine holiday house in Cantabria

This is a top class holiday house in Cantabria, Spain and belongs to a couple with five children. Contemporary rustic style and easy to clean furniture are some phrases which describe this house best. The house has a large living room with sober wooden flooring and great floor to ceiling height.

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Large windows with printed curtains, impressive paintings and flower vases and contemporary light fittings and lamps complete the mesmerizing look of the living room. The master bedroom is spacious with voluptuous bed and allows sufficient natural light to travel in. The children bedroom is done in smart shades of blue, white and brown. But the most important room in a house is the living room where all the family members gather in the afternoon and spend some time together. That is why the living room design is very carefully chosen and made.

The choice of a red sofa is very inspired , so you need vivid colours in a house with so many children and there are also a lot of pillows and cushions, very appreciated by both kids and adults. There is a fireplace that makes the room even cosier and two white rooms that can be used in many ways, for example supporting the fruit bowls like in the picture. The comfortable armchairs and the rough wood table in a corner complete the picture of a perfect living room for a large family.

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Posted in Interiors on September 13, 2010

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