Delicate, Feminine Fabrics To Use Around the House

There’s something about light and wispy fabric that can change a room and even change a mood. It could be a curtain or a throw blanket, it could be covering an open hallway entrance or even hanging from the mantle in the living room. There’s something so transformation and serene about delicate, feminine fabrics that you can use around the house. They’re versatile and you can get so creative when you have just a bit to work with!

1. Sultry Silk.

Modern kitchen floor to ceiling curtain

The sparkle and shine of a silk pillow not only emits a delicacy and sophisticated, girlish charm, but it’s quite luxurious as well. Cover some old throw pillows with some silk from the fabric store for a new and improved look for your living room or home office!

2.Creamy Chiffon.

Modern kitchen floor to ceiling curtain

Use chiffon to cover the bar window in the breakfast nook or use some of this wispy fabric to layer the tablecloth in the dining room. This is a versatile fabric that’s great for adding femininity and daintiness to any space. We also love how amazing they look at floor to ceiling windows!

3. Touchable Tulle.

Modern kitchen floor to ceiling curtain

If you grab some softer tulle, you’ll have a fabric that will add such a great volume to any project. From your little one’s canopy bed to a lush, Victorian-inspired bed skirt! It’s the best and easiest way to add lots of feminine power.

4.Voluptuous Velvet.

Modern kitchen floor to ceiling curtain

Who doesn’t love the soft and cozy feel of velvet? We love beautiful, tufted sofa or chaise covered in a blue or mauve-colored velvet. Or even a blanket thrown over the slipper chair when winter comes in swinging. It’s rich and welcoming, but still has that uber girly feel when done right.

5. Tiny Toile.

Modern kitchen floor to ceiling curtain

This fabric is the best because of it’s print and character. We love it as small valences or even out on the patio decorating the wicker chair cushion. Get it in hot pink and white or even my favorite, red and white, for a fun, flirty and retro style. Then again, I love the mix of black and white toile to cover furniture pieces for a bold and powerhouse look.

6. Sweet Swiss Dot.

Modern kitchen floor to ceiling curtain

Perfect for summertime, Swiss dot curtains are one of the most delicate and feminine of all the fabrics. They also work well as shower curtains, bed sheets for the baby and tablecloths. Big or small dots, it doesn’t matter, it’s just another way to decorate with a bit of whimsy essence.

7. Carefree Cotton.

Modern kitchen floor to ceiling curtain

Soft and the most comforting of all, cotton can be used for almost anything and everything. From cushions to sheets, to layering and covering, pure cotton is the most welcoming, mixable and versatile of them all!

8. Movable Mesh.

Modern kitchen floor to ceiling curtain

Make a wreath or use it to decorate for the holidays. Mesh is most like tulle but also the one used for lots of amazing DIY projects. Although we wouldn’t go making a comfy throw out of mesh, we’d definitely sprinkle it around the house for lots of creative ideas and projects. Take this mesh room divider for example; genius idea!

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