Croatian Tuskanac Family Residence by DVA Arhitekta

Usually when you live in a village or small town people know each other very well so that everything looks like a big family. The disadvantage of such a situation is the privacy. Since everybody knows each other there are not so many secrets to discover. The only option may be the architecture and structure of your house. Sometimes our homes can offer us more privacy than any other space and can make us feel relaxed and comfortable. The curious neighbors or other interested in people can forget about their curiosity since their access to various views is restricted.

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DVA Arhitekta designed Tuskanac Residence which is situated in the center of Zagreb, Croatia. It is a nice and modern building which has a cubic structure. The interesting part of this house is the fact that it consists of two volumes. One of them is visible to the street view while the other is visible from the garden. Thus you have the privacy you need so that you can feel nice and happy.

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The upper volume of the house includes common life areas while the lower volume is dedicated to spaces like the guest accommodation or leisure.

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The street volume has a façade and roof merged cladded in white Corian while the lower volume has a green roof which represents the terrace for the street volume and a south- oriented atrium where you can enjoy the open kitchen, the pool, the guest suite and dining room.Perhaps the most private area and the most peaceful one, is represented by the attic. Here you may enjoy the warm brought by the wood material used for the floor, walls and ceiling and the soft light which invades this space.{found on archdaily and pics by robert}.