Contemporary B House by Damilano Studio Architects

Located in Piemonte, Italy, this 355 sqm project is the creation of Damilano Studio Architects. It’s a very nice example of a modern house, that combines functionality and looks in a very beautiful way. Completed in 2000, this impressing house stands out in that area, mainly because of its simple but eye-catching design.

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Both the exterior and the interior of the house share the same elegant and simple style. Also, the colors are pretty much the same. The exterior is white, with subtle brown lines at the windows and doors. It features very large windows that allow a panoramic view on the surrounding area. The B House, as it is called, was built in a way that allows it to extend horizontally, creating different areas that complement each other. The living floor looks very simple and clean. It’s mainly because of the white walls, white floor and also the white pieces of furniture. They create the impression of a larger space.

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The huge amount of white elements is beautifully complemented by other colorful pieces placed in strategic areas that add some color and contrast to the design. The combination is very elegant and stylish. Overall, the house has a modern flare and a stylish design that reflect into the clear water of the pool. It’s almost a landmark in that area.